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Take the #RediscoverCalifornia Pledge

Whether we plan on visiting (or re-visiting) any one of our majestic National Parks, explore our magnificent coastline, enjoy a week at the beach, catch some massive waves, ski in the Sierra Nevada, or simply embark on an exploratory road trip, the time to fall back in love with California is now. Join us in taking the #RediscoverCalifornia Pledge, and show your love, appreciation, and dedication to this incredible State we have the privilege to call home.

The #RediscoverCalifornia Pledge is designed to encourage California residents to support, bolster, and elevate the Golden State both during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Together, we can restore our economy, support small businesses, help our neighbors get back to work, and restore the vibrant and beautiful social, fiscal, and environmental eco-system that California has enjoyed for decades. With the #RediscoverCalifornia Pledge, we will lift-up and celebrate our home state through in-state tourism and adventure that will reinvigorate our economy, save businesses, and protect millions of jobs.

Join us in taking the pledge, and encourage your friends and family to also stay in California for their next vacation.